v1.3.7 - Articles

Released: 2024-03-04

  • Articles: Fixed only fetching from the current year folder.

Released: 2023-12-15

  • Galleries: Added permalinks to the gallery images.
  • Markdown: Replaced Parsedown with Commonmark.
  • Markdown: Added permalinks to headings.
  • Dependencies: Updated HTML QuickForm for a PHP8 fix.

v1.3.5 - Thumbnail sharpness tweaks

Released: 2023-12-13

  • Galleries: Increased the sharpening value for thumbnails to make them crisper.
  • Authoring: Fixed image file names with dots breaking the saving of texts.

v1.3.4 - Articles RSS fix

Released: 2023-12-09

  • Articles: Fixed the RSS feed showing draft articles.

Released: 2023-12-06

  • Galleries: Added the possibility to add file exclusion filters for source images.

Released: 2023-11-29

  • Galleries: Added the disableDate setting.

Released: 2023-11-28

  • Galleries: Added the sortOrder setting.
  • Galleries: Added the disableRSS setting.
  • Galleries: Added the disableRatings setting.

v1.3.0 - Articles RSS

Released: 2023-11-24

  • Articles: Added RSS feed with all articles.
  • Articles: Added thumbnails via a special thumbnails gallery.
  • MarkdownRenderer: Added the RSS Feed mode.
  • MarkdownRenderer: Galleries now show a link to the live gallery.

v1.2.0 - Video support

Released: 2023-11-23

  • MarkdownRenderer: Added video support.
  • Articles: Added authors.
  • Articles: Added meta information at the end.
  • Page Renderer: Fixed separators not recognizing <hr> tags.
  • Articles List: Added authors.
  • Articles List: Tweaked the layout somewhat.
  • Layout: Reduced the content width a little.

v1.1.8 - Localization

Released: 2023-11-19

  • Localization: Pages can now set the target language.
  • Localization: Added all german translations.
  • Localization: Split the page setup for the localization layer to find all texts.

v1.1.7 - RSS tweaks

Released: 2023-11-07

  • RSS: Tweaked the date format for better compatibility with RSS readers.
  • RSS: Added the screenshot via an alternative way for RSS readers.
  • Galleries: Added the image properties to the RSS text.

v1.1.6 - Galleries update

Released: 2023-11-06

  • Galleries: Added sortBy configuration setting.
  • Authoring: Added Markdown code to link to an image.

v1.1.5 - Fixed RSS format

Released: 2023-11-06

  • RSS: Fixed ampersands not being encoded in the enclosure URLs.

Released: 2023-11-06

  • Galleries: Added custom properties.
  • Galleries: Added the {image-url} command.
  • Galleries: Unified file handling between Source > Info > Image.
  • Galleries: Improved thumbnail handling via interface and trait.
  • Authoring: Now using generated thumbnails like the galleries.
  • Authoring: Now displaying image IDs.

v1.1.3 - Image lazy loading

  • Galleries: Added lazy loading for images.
  • Articles: Now displaying the article's last modified date.
  • Articles: Added the duration since the last update.
  • Galleries: Added RSS feed with all images.

v1.1.1 - Ratings

  • Galleries: Added randomized rating thank you texts.
  • Galleries: Added possibility to show all spoilers at once.
  • UI: Added the translation screen.
  • UI: Set up the localization layer, also client side.

v1.1.0 - Ratings

  • Galleries: Added ratings for images.
  • Authoring/Galleries: Ordering images by date.
  • UI: Added getStorageFolder().

v1.0.9 - Galleries update

  • Galleries: Better screenshot sorting with timestamps.
  • Authoring/Galleries: Added deleting images from source folder.

v1.0.8 - Galleries update

  • Authoring/Galleries: Added copying images from source folder.
  • Authoring: Split the galleries editing into a separate class.
  • Authoring: Updating article modified date on gallery update.

v1.0.7 - Spoilers support

  • Galleries: Added spoiler flag and hiding photos
  • UI: Added alternate border color CSS variables.
  • Articles: Now possible to mark articles as draft.

v1.0.6 - Minor enhancements

  • UI: Fixed no spacing between articles in the overview.

v1.0.5 - Galleries feature

  • Galleries: Added the gallery feature with the {gallery} tag.
  • UI: Added the canBeCached() method to pages.
  • Added the Cyberpunk 2077 gallery and article.
  • UI: Added a simple UI to edit gallery image infos.
  • UI: Added --text-color-invert color preset variable.

v1.0.4 - Canonical

  • Added the canonical URL.
  • Page parameters are now sorted alphabetically to stay consistent.
  • Added the HTTP 301 permanent redirect to the SSL switcher.

v1.0.3 - HTML Structure

  • Added meta description tag.
  • Using more meaningful HTML tags structure.
  • Fixed theme switcher forgetting the article name.
  • Added the getPageVars() method in pages.

v1.0.2 - Downscaler UI

  • Added a UI for the downscaler.
  • Added a changelog link in the footer.
  • Added a home button.
  • Added a preprocessor for the markdown files to handle site internal URLs.

v1.0.0 - Initial release

  • All working, including theme switching.
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