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Starfield's photo mode

Most of these photos have been taken with Starfield's Photo Mode. This new feature is a great addition to Bethesda games, and I hope it will get some more love in the future. I have been spoiled by Cyberpunk's Photo Mode, and I would love to see some of its features in Starfield:

  • Open photo mode anytime, even during conversations.
  • Change your character's expression.
  • Adjust your character's position.

Playing around with Starfield's photo mode, I realized how powerful Cyberpunk's photo mode really is. Seeing that the current feature set is already quite extensive, I trust that Bethesda have plans to improve it further.

Graphics settings

The key graphics setting I recommend is to turn off or at least drastically reduce the film grain effect. I had it set to 1.0, and realized only later on that it spoils your photo mode shots.

The grain is much more visible in static shots than it is in game. If you want to do any kind of post-processing, turning it off is paramount. I have some night shots that are unrecoverable because of it - trying to adjust the scene lighting only makes the grain stand out more.

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