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1-5: Awakening

She had no other words for it. The universe was exploding around her. In a crushing wave, emotions and thoughts not her own invaded every last bit of her being. her eyes saw abstract shapes and colors wildly dancing around, she smelled and tasted a million different things. Then, slowly, the chaos began to take shape and bits here and there slowly began to make sense. A gentle presence joined her, and helped guide her thoughts. Soon she recognized the presence; it was Anthea. Anthea opened her thoughts for her, and showed her the group of people she wanted her to join. There were seven of them, each with his and her own abilities. They had been united for a common cause that transcended humanity, a mission that they had been created for. Arcelia wanted to know more, but Anthea was already taking her somewhere else - through time and over continents. She showed her what Ragnar- the first of them to be created - had done for mankind, a mission carried on today by their small group. Anthea then gave Arcelia free reins to sift through her feelings and memories, and there she saw a trust in her so complete that she felt hot tears flowing down her cheeks. Seeing through Anthea's eyes, she learned that she as well had been created to join them in their mission.

Anthea's voice came to her as if slightly out of focus, saying "in time, you will be able to feel the purpose for which you have been created, for it is very much alive within each of us. I will take you back now. You have already seen more than you should have."

"Okay," she simply answered. She was overwhelmed, but a profound joy filled her.

Anthea's presence slowly faded out of her mind, and suddenly she was back in the office, Anthea's lips still tightly sealed on hers. Then Anthea's eyes slowly opened, and she withdrew her lips, her face serious but with a hint of a smile.

"I admit, it is a little awkward. My gift only works by touch. For a strong link like the one I needed to show you, the taste buds of the tongue was the best option. It is one of the rare spots of the human body that offers a scarcely protected, almost direct line to the brain."

Arcelia was still dizzy, but overall it had been an enjoyable if not disconcerting experience. "I can imagine worse ways of sharing information."

"I wouldn't do this with just anyone nonetheless. Somehow people tend to get all sorts of wrong ideas," she said with a grin.

"Thanks," she answered simply, still smelling her fragrance as well as a part of Anthea's mind that lingered on, fading ever so slowly. Her tongue tickled a bit as well, and she realized that the rest of what she felt was simply arousal. She had no interest in girls at all, but what this had made her feel was quite a kick in that direction.

As if sensing her thoughts, Anthea softly said, "Don't worry, the side effects are harmless and will dissipate over the next few hours. It always takes longest the first time."

"I think you could easily make a girl rethink her sexual orientation with this trick."

She laughed with that rich, sensual laugh. "I know, it never fails to confuse me either. Don't worry though - even if you did rethink yours, sexual orientation is not a selection criteria in our group," she said with a wink.

"Good to know," she said and grinned back, not really knowing what to make of that statement. She watched Anthea walk over to Eduardo's small desk fridge, and quickly looked at the floor as a number of considerations flooded her, pertaining mostly, but not exclusively, to the voluptuous curves of Anthea's robe. Her eyes went over to the giant desk then, and the two steaming plates of food parked there.

"Errrm, those weren't there when you... errrm, you know."

"No, they were brought in in the meantime."

"You mean they saw us?" She asked, and paled visibly.

"I am quite certain they did. But don't worry, they are very discreet. Shall we grab a bite?"

Arcelia nodded. To hell with everything, her belly was nearly screaming, and food was a welcome distraction from her thoughts. Anthea ate as well, with an appetite at least equalling her own, except she managed to look good even while eating. Arcelia herself was, she had to admit to herself, not very lady-like. Pig-like came closer, but right now she had other things on her mind. She gulped down another baked potato with sour cream. If Anthea did not approve of her eating habits, she did not show it.

"I am sure you have many questions, but Ragnar will want to answer those. If you like, we can make the trip to Lyon tomorrow and try to make some sense of what happened to your apartment in the meantime."

"That sounds like a plan. Do you, by any chance, have a mainframe here that can be taken off-grid?"

"Yes we do. I can have it brought on-line for after desert if you like."

"That would be great, and desert sounds awesome right now."

"I thought it might."

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